Our Beef

We want each of you to find great beef to build a meal around just as we do each day. Whether it's Filet Mignon, T-Bone or a thick cut Ribeye steak, we want you to say "Wow! That might be the best steak I've ever had!" It's become our goal to provide those top steakhouse quality cuts of beef for everyone to enjoy. The path to top quality beef is paved with two basic bricks, Genetics and Nutrition.

We spend the vast majority of our time on the farm focused on these two critical parts of raising cattle. By working with some of the top nutritionists in the country we build feed rations for each animal we care for, from babies to finished cattle, and mama cows to the bulls and heifers we're developing for the next generation. We use our own forage and grasses to feed all our cows. As the calves near their targeted finish weight, we follow our nutritionist's guidance in adding the proper amount of grain to encourage a high amount of marbling, all the while keeping vitamins and minerals available at all times to all our cattle. This is how we get the tenderness and taste we demand in a wholesome nutritious finished product.

Nutrition alone won't get us there though. Most cattle today don't have the genetic potential necessary to find their steaks making their way to the white tablecloth steakhouses of Kansas City, St Louis, and New York. While you can feed two steers the same exact feed their genetics will greatly determine the quality and quantity of marbling. We spend vacations each year sorting through the top angus herd sales in the country finding the top genetics to bring home to our cow herd in order to keep moving our program forward.

Every decision we make here on the farm affects the quality of the steak on your table. We will always focus first and foremost on providing a quality healthy nutritious product you will enjoy from start to finish. It's why we're here.