In the circle

 I hate to cry. I especially hate to cry in front of people.
We all have circles of people in our life. Those circles of people we see often in the community. The circle of those we work with through employment or activities. Our friend and family circles. Then the circle of those you trust the most. Unlike the other circle you choose this one. If I cry in front of you, things are really bad, or you are in my circle.  
During a time of exceptional tragedy for my family I had an animal go down. I remember talking on the phone to our veterinarian and just falling apart. I got my knees on the gravel and sobbed into the phone. He cried with me.
Our veterinarian has exceptional knowledge and technical skills. I've previously shared our experience of a c-section. His customer service is unreal is so good. But all these culminate because he's a good person who truly cares about animals, about us as people, and as cattlemen.
April 30 was National Veterinarian Day. I cannot express my gratitude for him enough. It's people like him who make us better. Jim Rohn says, "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Making a successful business is very similar. For Goodpasture Steaks our vet brings our average way up and we thank him.
Take time and look at your life. Who are those who lift you up? Take time to gather them up. Grab a burger or steak and appreciate some quality time with them. Life is too short not to love those you love.  I know a vet who has a good steak headed his way.

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