The MUD of March

Yesterday was the first day of spring and it was BEAUTIFUL outside.  After church we finished chores, rode bikes, laid in the grass soaking up the sun, the kids played tag on top of the bales, and really soaked up every minute of warm sunshine we could.  Today is just as beautiful, but tomorrow we return to the mud of March.  The thing about switching from winter to spring is mud.

  On the farm this mud is on a whole different level.  The cows have spent the winter gathered around the hay rings.  When it is frozen this isn’t much of a problem, but as it thaws…. the mud grows and grows and grows.  We move bale rings around.  We move cows to different pastures.  But no matter what there is mud.  The kind of mud that sucks your rubber boots right off your feet.  The kind of mud that causes your feet to stick…and you lose your balance….and just like a cartoon…splat…face in the mud.  The mud means we can’t feed with the hay truck but must use the tractor to avoid being stuck.  The tractor speed is less than half of the truck meaning chores take more than twice as long.  The mud of March is upon us.

Mud isn’t just hard on those of us with lacking balance.  The mud is exhausting for cows and calves.  When it is cold and muddy it sticks to the calves making their thick fur coat ineffective leaving them shivering waiting for sun.  We add corn stalks to bed down the calves for extra warmth and pray for sun.  We watch the calves extra for sickness from the fluctuating weather, just like people.  And just like people, go to the pasture on a warm sunny day and they’ll all be laid out on the grass soaking it in!

Sometimes life is like the mud of March.  There are parts of life that are simply no fun.  Homework, bosses, laundry, paperwork, taxes, and all kinds of mud in life.  Just like on the farm you must trudge through the heavy mucky mud to get to the beauty that awaits of spring and summer.  So, if in your life it is seeming a little muddy, just keep trudging.  It will get better.  Spring will come, bosses will change, paperwork will be finished, or whatever mud is in your life.  But just as important, when those beautiful spring days do arrive, stop, and soak them up to the fullest.

And if you stop by my house, don’t mind the mud, I’m doing the best I can.

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